2023 Student Invitational Opening Reception

2024 Seattle Central Student Invitational Exhibition

Submissions will be due by Wednesday, May 1, 2024. (by 11:59pm Pacific Time)

Submission Form: click here

The M. Rosetta Hunter Art Gallery is looking forward to our annual juried exhibition of student artwork in the 2nd half of Spring Quarter.

Who is qualified?   
Seattle Central students registered for 3 or more credits during 2024 Spring quarter, enrolled in ABE or Basis Studies courses, or enrolled in Continuing Education classes qualify to enter for a chance to be featured & win prizes.

We will be accepting work in all media: Drawings, Paintings, Prints, Photographs, Sculpture, Video Art, NFTs, are all accepted.

If you have an artwork that does not fit any of these categories, particularly installation or performance art, please contact the Curator at meghan.trainor@seattlecolleges.edu directly before applying to see if we can support this work in our gallery.


Event info:

2024 Seattle Central Student Invitational Exhibition   
May 21- June 5, 2024  
Opening Reception/Art Party: Thursday, May 23th, 3-6:30pm, after Seattle Central Unity Fair

Read more about the 2022 Student Invitational in this Seattle Collegian article by Sarah Wheeler.


Framing Info: 

All 2d artwork, that is work that should be hung on the wall, should be submitted in frames with a hanging wire in the back.  

If you are not able to find a frame for your artwork the gallery can loan you a frame for the duration of the exhibition, however the artwork should be sized to fit into the following matboard sizes for our frames, meaning the artwork is at least a half inch LARGER than these sizes so they will fit behind the matboard:

6 x 5.5 in to 8 x 6 in

12.5 x 9.5 in to 15 x 10 in

8.5 x 9.5 in to 13.5 x 11 in

14 x 10 in to 15 x 10 in

15 x 11.5 in to 16 x 12 in

18 x 12 in to 21 x 17 in

If you have larger work you will need to provide your own matboard & frame. If you have questions please reach out to meghan.trainor@seattlecolleges.edu


Full Non-Discrimination Statement

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